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Window panel scavenger hunt

Im always looking for ways to engage Harry in the outside world. But also ways to help aid his learning and interest. When his class closed recently due to staff shortages, this caused him some anxiety and I thought of a way to help take his mind of things. He loves the beach so what better way then a beach scavenger hunt with a difference.

This visual has a little window for the children to look through, and not only discover the object on the sheet but study it too.

This visual is part of a scavenger hunt pack and available on our website.

Once purchased, simply print off, cut out the window & laminate the sheet.

But if you don’t have a laminator heres, another way you can use this visual.

Once you have printed off the visual, cut out the window. I’ve found a handy way to cut the window out, is by partially folding paper together (but not so it’s creased more so it just creates a loose loop) and cutting into the window. Like shown in the photo below.

Next using a clear file pocket, like shown in image below. Cut along one side so it opens up into two, and measure out the window onto one side of the clear pocket.

Then using celotape, attach it to back of the visual to create a window. Which can be used to look through just in the same way as the laminator.

We have created 5 different scavenger hunts that Include, Beach, woodland, inside a home, garden, neighbourhood.

Both my children love this visual I created and I hope you all have fun with them too.

Happy hunting!

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