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Tuesday trackers

Hey everyone 🌈

We hope you are all settling back into the school routine.

Today we had a little Tuesday tracker session to help us regulate back into the week.

In this session we used the sense game I created (available on the website) and we explored our senses.

I thought this would be a great decompression tool for the first week back, especially as both enjoy sensory stimulation.

I included in our game;

• Mix up sweets to explore our taste, as these contained sweet and sour sweets.

• ink, so we could finger print and see how different our finger prints are.

• Objects hidden in a box to explore touch (soft and rough)

• For hearing we used what was on the game, so clapping and whispering and we tried to clap out along and guess what they were.

• For sight we looked at illusions and what was on the game (so drawing pictures and looking around us and describing what we see)

• For smell, we smelled some essential oils on pieces of kitchen roll.

We played the game and when we landed on our senses, we added extra bits in. So after discussing our favourite food we explored the sweet and sour sweets.

When we land on touch, we added extra bits in such as touching objects in a box.

The children loved it, so much so they played the game 3x 🤣.

It also allowed the children to discuss their likes and dislikes.

If you download and play the game, let me know your thoughts 💭 .

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