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A little about us

Hello and welcome to our site.

My name is Melanie and I am a blogger and small business owner (Butterbean bizarre) and the creator behind this page.  I live in Lowestoft, Suffolk with my partner and our two children Harry & Jessica. Our son Harry is wonderfully autistic, how he sees the world shows us the hidden beauty in the everyday. His favourite topic is maths, he could do equations before he could fully speak words and he absolutely loves rainbows. But being autistic brings many challenges, the biggest challenge comes from being accepted within society, accepted to be who you truly are without the need to change.

Seeing the struggles my son faced, and some of the negative views people had about autism and the people living with the condition. Was when I decided to start raising awareness around autism, and showing society the power of inclusion.

When covid struck the UK, it became apparent to me the lack of support and resources widely available to support individuals with additional needs. There was no resources available to explain the events that were occurring in the world, as well as the change that brought with it. It was then I created free printable visual aids and resources for not only my son but the wider community. These resources were so popular and were used in schools, doctors surgeries and home use across the UK.  In 2020-2021 I won 3 awards for my help during Covid-19 for the special needs community, with the resources I created. You can find some of these resources in our printables section.

To find out about some of our amazing achievements so far, please check out our campaign.

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