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Tuesday trackers week 6

Tuesday trackers week 6 🌈

This week I had an idea and I ran with it.

I printed out 4 blank thermometers and asked the children to write down 4 emotions they feel daily.

Harry chose:


• Happy

• sad


Jess chose;


• Sad

• worried

• angry

Next I talked about these thermometers being contained inside of us (in our house of emotions, reference to previous session I did).

Next using Kennetic sand, I asked the children to fill up the thermometer of how they felt today using the sand. (This also acts as a nice sensory experience).

We talked about how our thermometer of emotions, maybe filled up or filled halfway or only slightly filled on days. Each was perfectly fine and we talked about ways in which that might happen. I asked them what happened today to fill their thermometers they chose.

Then I asked them to fill up the anger and sad thermometer, but whilst filling it up I asked each of them what it would take to fill it up. So what would make them feel sad or angry?

It’s important they recognise factors that fill the thermometers.

Then I asked them, what would help them when they feel this way? Each time they told me a way to help, I said now take some of the thermometer away. Slowly the thermometer decreased, but I was conscious to leave some in their thermometer still because in life it doesn’t suddenly just get empty it can take a while to feel better.

I explained this to the children and I also asked them to add some to the worried thermometer, because we can feel two emotions at one time. So although they maybe not feel sad anymore, they may be worried still.

Again we discussed ways to help decrease our thermometer, but also ways to help ourselves so we add some to our happy/calm thermometers.

The children responded really well to this session, Harry and Jess have thought of an idea for next week. They have really been enjoying these sessions once a week and certainly has improved thier moods.

We ended the session playing the Zingo game. ♥️

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