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We rise through the storms

If ever there was a sign 🌈

I want to share something beautiful with you all that happened to me on a Saturday morning.

I got up that morning to go and catch the sunrise, I didn’t take the children as they both were wanting a little more chill time and I wasn’t sure how visible it would be today as my app said cloudy. So I said I would take a photo for them, but also I was looking forward to some reflection time for myself.

I sat down on the beach, looking at the stormy sky and there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was really peaceful and calm, as I let the thoughts of my mind wonder I noticed the clouds start to change shape. One thick band along the bottom with waves above it seemed.

Until in front of my eyes was what I can only describe as a silhouette of a women and what looked like a child’s head bedside her. Almost as if she was looking down upon the child, as a thick wave of cloud bowed over the top of them. (That’s how my mind saw it)

Then after a few minutes the image was gone!

I was left totally mesmerised, it felt like the world just needed to give me a little sign to keep going ♥️. And then I just thought of a little quote

“We can rise up through the storms and troubled waters”

Let me know if you see it too.

Either way for me,it’s a sign I needed today! ♥️

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