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Sprucing up old t-shirts

I’ve shared before about a little trick I found with tissue paper.

But over weekend, I was sorting the children’s clothes and found a few of there much loved tops. But after a while the tops loose the white colour and look a bit dull.

So I let children choose a colour to dye their tops from a selection of tissue paper, to give them a bit of life back.

How to dye the tops;

• I ran some warm water in a bowl and then added a sheet of the tissue paper, use two for more intense colours. (Wear gloves as colour can stain).

• I let the tissue paper soak for 5 minutes before removing the tissue paper and adding the t-shirt.

• I let the t-shirt soak in the bowl for 10 minutes.

Before removing snd rinsing with cold water and letting it dry naturally.

And voila the t-shirt is dyed and giving a new lease of life. The colour will last and it’s a fun way to brighten up favourite t-shirts that have gone a bit dull over time.

It’s cost effective too, as I brought Harry this Mario top from a charity shop and the white was more grey. So dyed the top and he loves it.

I brought a pack of tissue paper from b&m for £1.59

A fun activity for the Easter holidays 🐣

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