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Jubilee napkin T-shirt

Jubilee t-shirt 🇬🇧

As you all know I create craft ideas on a budget and share them to help any of you who wish to try too.

But here is a quick craft to make jubilee t-shirts at a fraction of the price. This idea is completely my own and I’ll show you how to do it.

What you need:

• Children’s PE tops £2 for 2 from Tesco.

• Union Jack napkins these are from Tesco at £1

• PVA glue, mine if from poundland and a brush.

Steps of how to do it:

1.) Take a napkin from the pack and peel the white layer from behind it, like shown below.

2.) Cut the napkin to the size you require

3.) Put a piece of cardboard or bin bag inside the t-shirt, before you apply the PVA.

4.) Using your brush apply some PVA to the

t-shirt where you will be placing the napkin.

5.) Gently place the napkin on top and then gently brush some more PVA over the top of the napkin to seal it.

How the T-shirt looks wet with PVA

6.) Allow to dry and here you have a great Jubilee T-shirt.

For both my childrens T-shirts it’s cost me £4 for the two to make. And it doesn’t matter if they get ruined either for that price.

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