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Worry wishes ✨

Something to make


I think most of us have seen the worry dolls, and other items that are used to help children with worries and stresses.

But if you want a cheap alternative, and something that holds a visual representation, then worry wishes could help. I wanted to create something slightly different from the shop brought worry items, something we could use and take along with us anywhere and set our worries free.

The thought behind this was to store dandelion wishes in a jar, and then let the children release a wish with a Worry and watch it actually float away. Because Harry works best with visual aids/representation, something he can see and believe before his eyes.

This is an idea I thought of, after trying to find ways to help ease some of Harry’s anxieties but something visually.

These would also work well in schools too, because you can use tweezers to extract a wish from the jar. Children could also decorate their jars too, so it’s more personal.

These little jars can be brought from the works for £1 for 4, as well as eBay and other craft shops.

And well of course Dandelions are free.

This will hopefully encourage children to talk about their worries, as they release the wish to float away.

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