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World Book Day 📚


This day can fill a lot of us with dread, as there is alot of pressure around it and “dressing up”. But Harry doesn’t like costumes and so I look how to keep him involved in other ways. I’ve shared before ways I do this, and I will show you how we did our costume this year.

Our schools theme is to choose a word to go as.

Harry loves obscure words 😅 last year he chose the word Infinity. As he loves maths and it’s his favourite symbol, this year he chose to go as a planet as he loves space. And he chose to go as……..Pluto. I won’t share the word he is going as for this because he told me I have to tell you all on Thursday 🤣❤️.

But here’s how we done it and how you can do similar on your child’s “comfortable clothing” without altering it.

What you need:

A4 Felt in

• Hook & loop tape available from poundland

• Paint

• Accessories to go with your theme

• PVA glue

• Glue gun

1.) So I cut a ball pit ball in half and printed out a picture of Pluto to stick to it. I put PVA on the ball and then laid the picture over it and covered it in PVA to make it hard & sturdy.

2.) I dipped a paintbrush in white paint and then flicking my fingers over the bristles of the brush, to create splatter marks on the felt. Mimicking the appearance of stars.

3.) Once dried, I hot glued the planet to the felt and we added some silver vinyl to create Pluto’s 5 moons.

4.) Using the hook & loop tape I measured out 4 pieces that covered the outside edge of the felt. I ensured the smooth edge was fixed on the t-shirt and the bristled edge was fixed on the felt.

And that’s it, simple but effective. I use hook & loop tape in a lot of designs for these type of days. Because you can remove the tape from the t-shirt and it doesn’t leave a mark. And if your child gets fed up with the design during the day, they can simply remove it without any fuss. Plus the softer edge of the tape doesn’t cause to much interference with them also.

I also add a top under Harry’s themed one too for extra comfort.

But Harry adores his top, I’ll be sharing Jessica’s one tomorrow too.

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