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What’s on the inside?

As a parent of a wonderfully autistic son, I often get asked

“what do you think is going on in his brain?”

“Wouldnt you like to just understand his brain and how it’s different?”

“Do you think he thinks the same as we do?”

Or questions similar to these in regards to his brain function & behaviours. Like he isn’t living the same life we are.

These questions often cause me sadness, because people don’t want to see him as the person he is without asking intrusive questions about the workings of his brain. Because for some he appears to be a mystery, thats locked in a far away place that needs to be solved.

But when did we think it was acceptable to ask these questions to parents?

My answer to these people is simply this:

My sons brain function is love ❤️

Love for finding the hidden beauty in the world around him that we may take for granted.

Love for finding his own way to experience life regardless of social conventions.

Love for knowing what makes him happy & being the purest form of him.

Love for showing others that being yourself, is always the best version.

But most importantly showing me that love needs no words.

Harry is here showing exactly what’s underneath.

Stop asking parents intrusive questions about their children and talking about the child like they are not present, and start treating them as the beautiful beings that exist ♥.

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