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What is autism?

So what is Autism spectrum disorder?

Google, medical books & websites will tell you that “Its a development disorder that causes significant social, communication and behavioural challenges.”

But I wonder why they leave out that Autism can cause, fantastic memory abilities, great problem solving & Incredible sense of wonderment about the world. It can also cause honesty, reliability and an enormous amount of love for the world & people on it.

So why do we not include these parts on websites or in Books?

It’s like telling a story and missing out the most important elements that help to build a picture or to help complete the story. We don’t leave books half unread, because we are filled by desire to see how it all pans out.

If someone asked me to describe my partner, and I only focused on his shortcomings. I would be doing him an injustice because he is so much more then them. But we don’t do that, we speak about the things we love about the people we hold dear. Because each of us possess amazing unique qualities, that makes us special to the people around us.

So is this why we fear autism rather then celebrate it?

Because we are told to fear it, because we have been given half the story.

Because no where on these sites or books does it say that many of the worlds best thinkers and creators/inventors are autistic.

Wouldn’t that be a story worth reading?

Why do we not print all the abilities and struggles, and describe it in a way that still shows these individuals as the beautiful person they are.

You do not need to be like everyone else to be worthy in this world. We are equally valuable because we exist and we are all entitled to be here

Let’s start focusing on the facts.

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