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Tuesday trackers week 5

Tuesday trackers week 5 🌈

As we have been working on our emotions, we first started out with the house of emotions. Where we talked about how we are the house that contains the emotions.

Last week we did the garden for our house and talked about how the flowers we need to water, this symbolised our wellbeing and how it’s important to take time to look after ourselves.

This week Harry wanted to chose to add a “Garage” to our house. The Garage represented

all the things that make him excited and happy. So in his words “When my house gets a little too full, I can go to my garage and it contains the things that make me excited and happy, so it reminds me of the things I have around me”

They both really enjoyed doing this activity.

I drew out a basic square on a sheet for the garage and the I then drew the garage door and added lines on the door for them to write on. Once they had finished they coloured their garages in how they wanted ☺️.

I definitely think this idea I had, has really helped them to understand how all our different emotions are attached together. But I also think the visual representation of the house and garden and now a garage is really embedded for them.

After this we had some calming time with play doh.

I hope you are all keeping well ♥️

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