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Tuesday trackers week 4

Updated: Feb 6

Tuesday trackers week 4

Today was our Tuesday trackers session and here is what we did today.

After my last idea about the house of emotions (see previous Tuesday tracker post)

I added on to this, by saying houses have a garden and in that garden we have flowers that need nurturing. I asked the children how we nurture plants and they said by watering them.

We talked about how the flower represents our need to nurture our wellbeing, when things in our house of emotions get too much.

What I did;

• Printed off a flower template and using a pencil filled in petals, with ideas of wellbeing.

• Next I covered petals with tissue paper and some pritt stick glue, so the words were hidden.

• Using a cotton ball, I dipped them in water and asked children to water their flower on the petals. Which showed the words underneath.

• We then discussed these ways that are good for our wellbeing and how it is good to water our plant.

As the children are visual it helps them to take in this activity I created. They were really receptive to it and enjoyed watering the plant and understood why nurturing our wellbeing is important.

Afterwards we played 5 second rule (without the timer) we played this to make a start on Harry’s resilience to timers. But first we are playing without the timers, to get use to recalling things from our memory.

We hope you are all keeping well 😊

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