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Tuesday Trackers week 3

Tuesday trackers week 3 session.

As I shared last week, I have been doing a little

wellbeing club with the kids on a Tuesday after school. They get so excited to do it and each week we focus on different things.

This week was our house of emotions. This was an idea I thought off and wasn’t sure how they would respond at first.

But using the scented sensory craft set I purchased, I asked the children to make emotion sticks of the key emotions they feel daily.

I got them to write the emotion and draw a face on the sticks of how they think it looks, but also choose the colour they want to represent it.

Next I got them to build a house using the sticks.

Using the visual representation I explained that you can’t build the house without using all these emotions. Because you need a roof and you need walls to support the roof.

I explained that our brain is like the house and so contains all the emotions inside. We are the house!

I explained that If we took any of the emotions sticks away, the house would fall down because it doesn’t have that stick to hold it all up. But that each of the emotions play a part in our house. Because we need them even the ones we don’t want to feel at times, are part of life in our house.

I wanted the children to know that their feelings are valid, but also it’s ok to have days where the feelings we don’t like play a part of the day. I want them to understand they are needed for their house.

They responsed really well with it and drew a poster of their house (as pictured above).

We ended session by playing Zingo (it's a bingo game with words and pictures).

I got this from home bargains for £4.99 which was a bargain as it’s more expensive elsewhere.

But it’s a great game to help with turn taking as it has a slider device inside that generates the cards it is fun to use when taking turns.

I hope you are all keeping well ♥️

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