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Tuesday Trackers week 1 & 2

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing with the children past two weeks.

We have a little club on a Tuesday that the kids named “Tuesday Trackers” as we are tracking our emotions through fun activities.

Week 1 we did Kennetic sand and we built squares, that once we shared a worry we chopped away at our worry using a piece of card. The kids really enjoyed this activity, we opted for the unscented sand as the scented one was very over powering. Afterwards I used the sand timer (I brought this off Temu) and we watched it and I explained how feelings can come and go. AsI find they are better visually.

Week 2, I brought a scento set from Home bargains for £2.99 it has a tray in it, plus lots of scented craft items. I blindfolded the children and for them to feel what the item was an how it smelt. I explained to them about how our senses worked and then asked them to build a picture of how they felt using the items.

Afterwards we used the plasma dome (pictured above) and explored sound and the rays would jump every time we speak. I used this to show how words can hurt us, and how when the rays jump and spark, that’s how words can feel in our heart. But that, when we feel that way we should speak to an adult and stop the sparks being so strong.

I thought I might share each week what we get up to. I’m hoping making this a regular thing will help aid some difficult emotions.

I also have a fish bubble lamp that we have on in background as a bit of calming noise.

Always happy to explore new ideas you may have too ♥️

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