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Tuesday trackers

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Today after school, we went to our local woods and picked some petals & leaves to fill our globes.

I asked children to find colours that represented how they felt. I was conscious that they needed some decompression time and so being put in nature after a long day at school is ideal.

Harry chose, greens/reds, yellows for his gone to represent some of emotions he felt today. (Calm, angry & happy)

Jessica chose yellow and pink/purple colours (happy & excited- as it’s her birthday Thursday)

My parents joined us on the walk today and it was nice actually as it allowed me a bit of breathing time in nature too, especially after last few days 🥰

The sticker globes I got from Temu in a pack of 20 for £1.80, you simply peel the front layer off and place items in before sealing it up again.

We hope the day is treating you kindly.

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