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Tuesday trackers

Friday trackers 😝

Hey everyone, 🌈

I decided today, to do a Tuesday trackers means we are winding down in prep for back to school.

Todays session, was to make a star from sticks and decorate it (sticks we picked up one a walk in our local nature reserve on Wednesday).

The children really loved doing this.

First I got them to arrange the sticks they collected into a star. We opted to use two triangles to make a star, as this was easiest way to stick them together and make it sturdy.

Once they had put them in place, I hot glued them together. But you could use masking tape or twine to hold them in place.

Then they used some feathers and brown twine to decorate their stars. Again you could use lots of different items to decorate your star. We opted to go for a more natural effect to match our flower canvas we did couple weeks ago.

It was a really nice calming session to create the star and both children have said it reminds them of a dream catcher.

We hope the week is treating you all kindly ♥️

(Excuse the state of the tables, as you can see they are our crafting tables 🤣🫣)

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