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Tuesday trackers 🌈

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Another hard day for Harry, he still isn’t really over yesterday and today seemed to add extra on top for him. I’ve been out on a school trip all day and I turned up slightly later on school run (5 mins), although I had prepared both children tjis morning that this maybe the case. He was worried about me making it back, so this probably didn’t help to everything else from today too 😅.

But we came home to do some crafts and today we made lanterns. Perfect to put out on the table for summer evenings 🥰 and to use as bedside lamps with a battery operated light.

Simple just use a piece of plan paper, fold in half and draw lines 3/4 of the way up, leaving a gap at the top of the page.

Then cut those lines (from folded edge) and stop where the line stops. Create a design and once done, open out the paper and bend the sides round to meet and tape them together, then voila it’s done.

Both children really enjoyed making them and Harry’s design had “I ♥️ u mum” written around the top. I think this is his way of showing me he appreciated yesterday 🌈.

We hope today has been kind to you all.

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