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Tuesday trackers 🌈

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Both children have had a hard few days, which is making me really tired myself.

But today I decided on a crafting session to help and try to restore some balance for them. We thought with the weather being so miserable 🌧️ we would try and bring some sunshine ☀️ out and more sun catchers.

This activity was really good actually, because for them ripping the tissue paper into shreds was quite a nice release of pent up emotions, but also placing them into patterns was quite therapeutic and calming.

We didn’t speak at during this time, both children just needed some time to gather their own thoughts 💭.

They eneded up making a couple of these each.

All we used was


•tissue paper

• cellotape & scissors.

They created & cut their own designs out, I just helped with cutting the middle part out as that can be tricky.

We hope today was kind to you all 🌈

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