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Tuesday trackers 🌈

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Today in Tuesday trackers, we did some Hapazome which is flower pounding.

The children really loved doing this and it’s such a good stress relief 🤣. We picked wild flowers on the way home through the woods which they loved choosing ones to use.

What you need;

• Wild flowers

• Fabric (I got this flag for 75p each out of the works)

• Wooden dowel

How to do it;

• Place wild flowers onto the fabric, I find it best to do one or two at at a time.

• Fold the remaining fabric over them? To cover them up.

• Using the dowel hit the fabric numerous times to pound the colour out of the flowers, onto the fabric.

And voila that’s it.

Such a simple but lovely idea 🥰. Harry said this was his favourite activity so far.

They make great keepsakes too 💐

We hope you are all keeping well.

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