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Tuesday trackers

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Today we did some fun with water and ink to represent our worries/ thoughts 💭

I filled up a tray with water (these trays are currently on offer for £1.50 in Tesco).

I printed out some squids off the internet and laminated them.

I used some ink 🖋️ and put some on the back of the squids. (Be cautious as ink can stain)

Then I put the squid into the water and we watched as the squid glided over the water leaving ink trails behind.

I talked to the children about how sometimes keeping our worries and thoughts in, eventually start to cloud up our mind like how the squids water is turning purple.

Eventually the whole water turned purple and I said to the children, how the squid doesn’t have any clear water left. I asked the children to stick their finger in the water and they said “won’t we get ink on our hands” I said “no have a look”.

As they touched the water and then looked at thier finger no ink was on it. I said to them how the squids ink in the water won’t stain them, just like how our worries won’t pass unless we share them with someone we trust.

But if we start to use a pipette and take some of the inky water away and add fresh water, the squid can start to be seen again. Just like how if we share our worries, it helps our brain be a little less cloudy.

They both enjoyed this activity, as it’s very visual they took well to it.

Harry also loved making patterns in the water using vibrations (like photo above)

We hope you are all keeping well 🌈

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