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Tuesday trackers

Tuesday trackers 🌈

Today we played with Orbeez I got this set out of home bargains for £3.

Contains orbeez and some bits to make a little slide when open.

I have to admit I love home bargains for bits like this.

Harry has been looking forward to this session all day, he loves sensory stimulation as does Jess. But he really loves the feel of the orbeez.

After a little play with the ramp and guessing what hole the orbeez would fall through (1,2 or 3).

I then grabbed a beaker and added some orbeez to it and hide some items in it too, for them to close their eyes and use their senses to describe what they could touch.

This helped them to expand and learn to desribe things. Which is a good lesson to learn when we think about how important it is to describe what we can’t see (emotions).

This activity encourages them to stop, think and feel, before describing what it is they can touch.

I explained to them the importance of being aware of how your body responds, when faced with experiences that you are not able to see. But also how each of them described the items differently, because each of us reacts differently to these experiences.

They really loved this session, Harry was so chilled after as he was pretty active on school pick up today.

We hope you are all keeping well ❤️

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