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Toys of interest

Alot of the time parents get concerned over the interest of their child.

I’m sure it’s because social media and television, subliminally show us adverts based upon our “interests”. A lot of these interests come from the cookies of the internet.

It’s basically the cookies way of saying “Oh so you have a child aged 5, here’s all the toys and things 5 years olds should like” .

You see the adverts then pop up, and maybe part of you let’s a silent sigh. It’s ok if you do, I’ve done it too before. It’s ok to validate those feelings, before accepting your journey. ❤️

Let me share something with you about my life. It’s Only the last year, that Harry has felt confident enough to attend birthday parties. And it’s then I think “what would a 6 year old like? What on Earth do I buy?” “What is in?” Etc

I have no idea 🤷🏻‍♀️, I usually stare blankly at the aisles and see children picking up toys and knowing what/who they are. Before I use to text the parents and try buy gifts based upon the child’s interests. Harry would take the gift and have absolutely no idea what it is. But the child was happy they had something they like.

I would see Harrys face as the children all gathered round, excitedly talking about how cool the gift was or how they had that one too Etc. They would ask him about it, but he didn’t know.

Im not going to lie I felt bit of sadness for him, but that’s me being honest. Because it is part of development and social interaction, being able to share and discuss interests etc. But Harry didn’t wanna talk about anything like that.

But one day, something just clicked in my head.

I thought no I’ve been doing this all wrong. Which is when I now take Harry with me to buy gifts, I talk to him about what the child likes but also ask Harry what he would like to include.

Which is when he chooses something he likes and thinks they may like too.

I see his face as he sees the child have something that he likes, he comes alive as he talks about that item and how cool it is to him.

This way he gets to share a little of his world with everyone.

It’s then I told myself “ If it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else”

Remember that 🌈

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