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Sunrise to find you

Breakfast with the sunrise 🌅

On Friday I asked Harry if he wanted to go see the sunrise in the morning, and he literally jumped at the chance, I knew it would be what’s needed after the last few weeks.

But for me it was also have some time with him too on his own.

I said to him that morning, I’ll take breakfast and we can watch the sun as we eat.

I set a table and blanket up and it was really wonderful and we chatted about school and things in general. He shared some deep thoughts with me and for a while it felt like it was just us in the world.

It’s in these moments that his struggles seem to fade away, and I see life on the other side of things. I often wonder if he is aware of that too or maybe these thoughts may cross his mind when he is older. But in these times I recapture the Harry I saw in the summer holidays, and I feel like it’s just two friends catching up where we last left each other.

I cherish these moments because it’s where I know I can find you again ❤️🌎

“Love is space and time made perceptible to the heart”

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