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Sensory steps

These sensory steps I created can be used as part of a sensory circuit, or used simply on there own.

I have seen many sensory mats/ stepping stones online. Some came with a big price tag too, and you never know if your child would like it.

So I created these sensory steps using

• Cardboard

• Hot glue gun

• Pipe cleaners

(Glue gun you can buy from Poundland for £2 and also 32 glue sticks for the gun for £2)

Hot glue is great as you can create texture & depth with it. When you apply it to the cardboard you can create different surfaces by using a cocktail stick, so either a smooth surface or swirl the glue around and make a coarse surface.

I used mine to create dots that are various shapes, sizes & textures. But all felt nice underneath my skin. I also created wavy lines on another piece of cardboard, that were different in height but when pressed against created great pressure to the soles of the feet of hands.

Pipe cleaners are not only fluffy but are easily bendable into shapes. Which again feel nice on the soles of your feet or hands.

I also started creating smaller circles for hands, & these can be used to allow fingers to follow the lines of the swirls. Or these could also be used to press against or rub hands over.

The pipe cleaners were stuck down using the glue gun.

You can apply blue tac under the stepping stones to fix into place on smoother surfaces, or use blue tac and put them on walls. Because they are not heavy as they consist of light components.

You could use Pom Poms also for a really fluffy sensory step.

But the children have been using them this morning and they were a big hit. And a great way to start the day ahead.

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1 Comment

Janis Harris
Janis Harris
Jan 17, 2022

Such a fun idea hope this week improves for Harry and you.

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