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Sensory profiling

Sensory profiling 🌈

I thought I’d do a post about senses / sensory profiling.

But what is sensory profiling?

A sensory profile provides a specific approach to understanding the way an individual responds to sensory information in their environment. Sensory profiling primarily uses information provided by individuals, who know the child or person best. Which then helps to determine how sensitive an individual is to the input of sound, visual images, movement, smells, taste and textures.

What does sensory profiling cover?

Here’s a list and a brief description of each:

Social participation- Sharing, playing and joining in without disrupting and participating appropriately with peers.

Visual processing - lights, controlling eye movement, finding an object, looking out of the corner of eye their eye and watching spinning things.

Auditory processing - sensitivity to sounds, difficulty in understanding and processing sounds they hear. Difficulty paying attention, doesn’t respond to their name, finds hard to focus with background noise.

Tactile processing - avoiding messy play or splashing water, dislikes of nail cutting and teeth brushing. Enjoying sensations that should be painful. Wear inappropriate clothes for the weather, overly sensitive to touch.

Body awareness - Grasping objects too tight, driven to complete push/pull activities. Bumping into objects. Poor endurance and tires easily, needs to lean and prop for support such as in carpet time.

Balance- failing to catch themselves when falling, poor coordination appearing clumsy. Doesn’t get dizzy when others do such as spinning.

Planning - difficulty carrying multiple objects, imitating others actions, tends to play the same activities repeatedly.

Taste - gagging at thought of foods, seeking strong flavours. Only eating certain food, limited diet on certain texture and temperature of food.

Smell - distressed by certain smells, able to smell things that others cannot.


Harry has had a sensory profile done by an OT, with information provided for by me. Having this this report has helped me understand his difficulties. As well as identify ways to help him in relation to his sensory needs.

You can find sensory profiling questions on the internet, (by typing in sensory profiling).

That maybe of use to look at and see if you can identify some sensory difficulties with your children, as well as find ways to help your children cope.

I will talk more about ways to help over my next few posts. ❤️

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