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Sensory lava lamp

Sensory fun volcano/lava lamp.

Here is a little something fun to try with the children.

What you need:

• Jar or bottle

• Vegetable oil

• water

• Food colouring (59p b&m)

• Aspirin (£1.29 b&m)

1.) Using a jar or bottle, fill it with 1/3 of the way with water.

2.) Using vegetable oil add this to the jar, so it mostly fills the remainder of the jar. The oil will lay on top of the water.

3.) Put some drops of food colouring in, either drop it in or use a pipette to make bubbles.

4.) Crumble up an aspirin and add it in stages to the jar, it will start to fizz & create your lava lamp.

The children really loved doing this today. And you can create so many different coloured ones.

You can find a video of our lamp on our Facebook & Instagram page.

Just remember supervision is needed with the aspirin. ❤️

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