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Red Nose Day 2022

Red Nose Day 2022

Is another day where children dress up for school. Which can not only prove costly, but for children who do not like to wear costumes and struggle with materials is also tricky.

I’ve shared before on my social media, ways I get around these themed days.

So here is both my childrens t-shirts for this year.

The t-shirts are white PE ones from Asda priced at £3 for 2 in one size.

For Harrys I did him a design of his favourite things space & the earth. So an astronaut is floating from earth holding Red Nose balloons.

The astronaut is a printed out cartoon and then using pva glue on back stick it to the t-shirt, and then more pva on top to seal it. (You could also use stickers)

The earth I drew round a plate and then coloured in. The space is black glitter glue so it dries and shimmers.

Jessica’s t-shirt is her favourite Little mermaid in awe of a clam holding a Red Nose.

The blue I used blue glitter glue to shimmer, and then printed out images stuck using PVA glue.

The red noses are foam circles and Goggly eyes on top.

But quirky t-shirts for tomorrow theme are done.

Harry will have a long sleeve top under his so the t-shirt doesn’t rub.


Obviously official Red Nose Day t-shirts are available, but can be out of peoples budgets.

Tomorrow via the childrens school, I make my donation towards red nose day. I also encourage you to make a donation to the charity, if you can.

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