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Rationalisation of the mind

Carboot 🚗

I don’t know if it is the same in your house, but we often find harry can have a hard time letting go of things he no longer uses. For Harry it is mainly toys/games. They gather dust and some he hasn’t ever played with as they are not his thing, but he still didn’t want to part with them.

I find for Harry’s it is more rationalising of items, because it is the fear of what may happen when he lets go. Gradually over the last year, I’ve had a deep tidy of his room and usually he parts with a couple pieces, which I sell on Fb marketplace and the money he spends on new bits he likes. But he doesn’t really see this process.

So at first it was hard to grasp. But once he understood he never played with items but new ones he does, he was alright about it. Plus he really loves when I organise his room for him, putting everything in order and labelling drawers etc, it makes him super happy.

At the start of the half term, I spoke to Harry & Jess about tidying up their rooms and sorting items to sell as both had become rather cluttered. Which we could then do a carboot and they could see the process of selling and buying new items.

Jess was super keen, as she doesn’t tend to hold onto things. Harry was also up for the challenge, as he wanted new space things.

One day over half term, we sorted his room together and we popped things in clear plastic tubs and left them on the landing. Which I did the same for Jessica’s room too.

I told him, we would keep them on the landing for a week. So anything he had second doubts over could be taken back. Which on day 2 he did take a couple bits back, I told him it’s fine to do that and no pressure at all. The other items he said he felt ok about them going.

Throughout the week he said to me how he kept thinking about the bits, I said that he probably would until they were sold. But that it was ok as old things get traded for new things, and he could see the process of doing it. But if he wanted to take any other bits back he could.

But he didn’t, he felt secure in what he was doing. Because we looked at some ideas of new items to get, which made him excited. He is also saving for a switch, so he was thinking about hitting the next milestone for that.

Sunday rolled round (last Sunday) and the kids helped me pack the car and we set off for their first car boot. We had labelled the items with prices before hand, and both kids enjoyed taking money for their items. But it also helped seeing how the buyers, really loved this items they were getting. Harry said a few times, it’s nice to see people happy about the things I don’t use. Harry kept a tally of the money and I think the experience tired him, as he got in the car for a nap for a bit❤️

But when he woke up, he was so thrilled that he had made £50. His sister made £30 and was equally just as thrilled.

Harry put £30 in his switch kitty and would use £20 to get new bits.

I told them, that the following week we could come back and this time be the buyers and spend their money on new things. I was cautious not to overwhelm them in 1 day.

During the week Harry hadn’t mentioned the old toys, he was content about them and was looking forward to new things he could get.

So today was that day they could be the buyers. They had so much fun, walking around the stalls and being able to buy things they wanted. Harry came away with so many space items/books he was so happy. He has played with things for the rest of the day. Jess has also enjoyed her new items and she loves books, so has quite a few new ones.

We got a celebratory cheeky hot dog and it was a positive experience for them both. Harry even thanked me for helping him and he has some money spare for sweets from the corner shop (a fave treat) ☺️.

I’m hopeful this has helped him rationalise items that hold no significance over him. 🌈

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