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Rainbow sun catcher

“Todays tears are tomorrow’s rainbows”

We had a crafty morning, something to brighten the day. I told the kids that if the rainbow shined on them, that it meant they were magical ✨

So we made a rainbow sun catcher 🌈

Using only:

🌈Cellophane from Poundland

🌈 Felt tip pens

🌈 cardboard

🌈 cellotape & scissors

I cut the cardboard into strips, making a smaller strip then the one before. I then folded over the cello-tape so it was double sided, and put each strip onto the cellophane

I attached a couple of pieces of tape on the top of the rainbow, to keep it in place.

We then got some pens and copied in the rainbow (cellophane) then we let it dry for a little while.

You could use tissue paper, but it does easily rip/ tear and your limited to colours. But using cellophane and pens means you can make patterns on the cellophane and your own colours too.

If you touched the coloured parts they may smudge a little. But it also means if you don’t like a design you can rub it out and start again. You could also add cellphone over the top of your design so that the coloured pen can’t be smudged.

The children loved the rainbow shining on their skin and outside too.

But you can create any design, maybe a butterfly or a dinosaur so with coloured spikes.

We will be creating some more and would love to see yours ❤️🌈

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