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Rain science experiment

Rain Science experiment/ perfect sensory activity.

What you need:

• A jar

• Water

• Shaving foam (not gel)

• food colouring

• Pipette

What to do:

1.) Fill a jar with with 3/4 of water

2.) Squirt shaving foam on top to make fluffy clouds. The More shaving foam for a cloud you use, the longer the experiment lasts.

3.) Let the shaving foam settle for a couple of minutes.

4.) Mix some food colouring with a couple of drops of water.

5.) Using a pipette squirt on to the clouds and watch as it sinks through to form rain.

This is a great sensory activity and something to watch and relax too.

Also if you have a child into science and weather you can use this experiment to talk about rain.

• A cloud is formed when rain droplets combine together, so when the cloud gets too heavy and full the rain droplets fall out of the cloud due to gravity.

(The food colouring acting as the rain drops on top of the shaving foam cloud)

• The more rain droplets there are on the shaving foam cloud, the faster the rain falls.

Let us know how you get on❤️

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