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Pipe cleaner letters

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Pipe cleaner craft

Today we did some crafts, we created the alphabet out of pipe cleaners.

This helps aid handwriting & letter recognition.

Having letters that stand out and can be touched, allows creative little minds to see how the letters are formed. A lot of times children retain information by touch, there has been research into how touch can produce, detailed lasting memories.

The pipe cleaners are able to be cut & bent into shape. Which helps with letter edges such as W and K. Doing this craft allows children to see where the joins of a letter meet.

So next time they come to write the letter, they can remember the feel of that exact letter.

All we used is

• Coloured card £1

• Coloured pip cleaners £1

• Scissors

• Glue gun, but pva or double sided tape could be used.

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