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Pipe cleaner emotions

It’s getting close to the summer holidays, some of you may already be on yours.

But now is a great time to talk about feelings, especially with school transitions & new year groups, teachers etc.

September can bring many emotions, so I have made a little craft, to go along side our feelings jar visual.

Feelings can be hard to unravel, especially in children with additional needs.

So the first craft is a great visual resource to use.

All you need is:

• Cardboard paper

• pipe cleaners

• glue

• Pen

1.) Simple use coloured pipe cleaners that match our FREE downloadable feelings resource.

(You can find this in our chop section)

Wrap and in twine them into a big bundle and glue onto the cardboard sheet.

2.) Next take the same colours again and cut them into small segments, and glue them onto the opposite side of the cardboard sheet. Then label the emotion to go with that colour.

This allows children to see and feel how entangled our emotions can be, but also how it’s ok to feel like that.

3.) Next using the jar storage pouches of eBay, (from our previous craft feeling idea further down on this blog)

Print off our free feelings resource and attach the feelings labels to the jars.

4.) Using spare coloured pipe cleaners, mix them all up into another ball. Allowing children to pull the emotions apart and put them into the labelled jars.

You can also get children to put the coloured pipe cleaners in a jar, to show how they feel too.

These activity can also be used along side the colour monster book.

Our previous emotion jar idea and free printable can be found on our website.

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