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Picture Postcard

Well today is the last day of the school holidays for us.

Harry’s anxiety about the school return has already come into force. He had said this morning about a belly ache and feeling worried, so I knew only one thing that can take his mind off it. Some bubbles and the beach, two of his favourite things.

He has asked a lot of questions today about the return to school and I knew he had a lot on his mind. We are still very much in the midst of navigating school, and him discovering exactly who he is.

As well as him trudging through the social mind maze, that seems to spring new barriers to stop him reaching where he wants to be.

I’ve enjoyed spending this half term with him (and Jess of course) and seeing the purest form of him.

Where anxiety & masking are not as present.

The memory of him dancing in the sunrise, will forever lighten me in the next set of dark days we face.

I’m kinda not ready to take him back to school, I wanna enjoy this part of him a little longer. It’s like meeting an old friend on holiday, and catching up on where you both left off last time and then not seeing them for a while again. That probably sounds so strange, but it’s what I feel and as always I’m honest in my posts.

But tomorrow we return to the pressures of school life & no doubt he will return to the solice of his bedroom after the hard days. I’m already tearful as I write this post, it’s almost like saying goodbye to apart of him.

But I’ll leave this postcard here Harry, to remind me that no matter the hard times we will face this term. Our next school holiday is looming and we will meet again my friend ❤️❤️

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