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My next chapter

Sorry I’ve been so quiet, I’ve had a lot on and something I will share later with you all.

But I do have some news…which is one of the things that I’ve been super anxious on the lead up to. 🫣

But today I enrolled to do a Teaching assistant level 3 course at college. Gosh even writing it, I’m still in disbelief I’m actually doing it.

After facing my fear with maths last academic year, it gave me the confidence to face more learning but in a role that I really want to do. Honestly it’s also because of the support I receive from you all too.

That has really made me feel like, this is something I can do and I don’t think any of you really understand the positive impact you have had on my life. My dream is to support children’s wellbeing in all aspects and as it is something I feel so strongly about.

I’m hoping by learning within a school environment that I can make my visual aids even more accessible, by starting to learn the struggles that other individuals face too. I really enjoy being able to think up things that can help others to navigate/understand the world around them. I also have a placement in a school already and I am looking forward to starting next month.

I’m not going to lie though, I’m super apprehensive about assignment/essay side.

But this is due to the struggles I had at school and if I’m honest, knowing that I haven’t exactly conquered all my fears surrounding my academic abilities.

But as I keep telling myself, little steps at a time Mel. The first big hurdle was going in today and doing the interview and accepting my place.

Life really has changed for me since I started this blog. I felt so isolated and overwhelmed, although at times I still do experience those emotions, I know there are so many people willing you on and who also share the same feelings.

Don’t put a limit on anything, the more you dream the farther you get” 🌈❤️

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