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Maths exam result

I did it 😭

I passed my level 2 exam in maths and I cannot honestly believe it. After 18 years I finally have a C in maths.

For so long I have been afraid of maths and after going back to learn it last year at college, I realised how much I struggled with it. As I have openly spoken with you all about.

But the college and my tutor, have been amazing on my journey. I have discovered after a college assessment, that I have a slower processing speed linked to dyscalculia and how I needed extra time in my exams.

I honestly thought I was just useless at maths and it would be subject I never pass in. I spent so long in my adult years avoiding it, because I have a deep routed fear with maths. That I never thought there maybe more too it.

But college life has been soo very different from my school life. Along the way I have discovered myself and what it takes for me to be able understand maths. I’ve had to learn a different way, but a way that works for me. Which has meant I have had to learn solo and not from my peers.

I know I could never ever achieve higher than the C, and to be honest I never want to get anything more then that.

Now I have got this, I don’t want to ever revisit maths again and certainly never take another exam.

It’s taken a lot for me to get to this point, countless headaches, anxiety and just overall drained.

I’m just happy after 18 years my E has changed to a C and I’m proud of how I have got to this point. Maths was the only subject I didn’t pass at school and I never understood why!

But now I do and I believe it will help me on my next journey, to be able to help children in a similar situation to me.

Honestly though school isn’t for everyone, I did really struggle and I wasn’t really understood. You either got it or you didn’t! There was no room for guidance or tailoring.

But adult learning has definitely been so much better for me, because I have learnt who I am most importantly and understood how my brain functions.

I don’t think even if I went to school now as a child, I would of got that C.

But I can say I have now ❤️🌈

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