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Litter from 1986

Thought I’d share something that happened this week.

During my walk on Tuesday along the beach (taking steps to do this often for my wellbeing).

I saw two pieces of litter washed up on the shore, both were packaging from the 80s.

The walls one infact was 1986, and the skips from around same time after some research on Google.

I couldn’t actually believe it, as the walls piece of plastic was older than me and had been floating around the sea that long.

Usually I pick up litter like this and bin it, but I kept these two bits to show the children. Now we know Harry is really into saving the planet, so I knew he would be gobsmacked at what I had found…..and I was right.

He was shocked and saddened to learn that this piece of plastic has been polluting the earth for a long while. Him and Jessica decided to create a poster and a piece of writing about litter to show the school, in hope to educate the pupils on how long plastic can last.

The poster was created by Jessica and the writing by Harry and it reads.

• keep earth clean

My mum found a piece of litter from 1986 on the beach. In 1986 a hit song was “it’s the final countdown” by Europa. An event that happened in that year was Jan 24th voyager 2 makes its first fly by of Uranus and finds new moons.

Margaret thatcher was prime minister.

This peice of litter has lasted longer than these historical events.

Earth is the only liveable planet, if we lose Earth, we lose our life.

By Harry.

I really like his analogy at the bottom, it’s so true.

Harry would love to hear your thoughts too. ❤️

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