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Light it up

Reshare of our Fun Craft idea 🌈

What you need for this craft is

• whiteboard marker pens

• clear large pencil case or a wallet

• black card

• white card to make a torch

How to make this:

1.) Create a design on the front (outside) of the wallet using the pens, to help see the design clearly you can place white paper inside the wallet whilst designing.

2.) Once you have done your design place the black card inside the wallet.

3.) On a piece of white card design a torch, or print one off the internet or using clip art. Ensuring the there is sufficient white card to create a light beam off the torch.

Then using the torch place it slowly inside the wallet and move it around, to see your design come to life. Such a fun way to reveal pictures and the best part is, the design can be wiped/cleaned off and ready for another one to be made 🤗

You could even use UV pens to make them glow in the dark too.

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