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Helping hands activity

Helping hands activity 🌈

I thought I’d share a little craft we made this morning, that is really easy and simply to do.

I saw this a while back and thought it was a great idea to help children when counting.

Jess sometimes gets muddled and angry when it comes to maths. When using her fingers she also can loose track of where she was, as she is concentrating on different things ❤️.

So these helping hands as I called them, are going to be fab 🥰.

What you need:

• Cardboard

• Hook and loop tape from poundland (Velcro)

• paper

• whiteboard pen

• laminator or celeotape, to cover the paper so it can be wiped and reused.

What to do:

1.) First trace around your hands on some cardboard. I used an Amazon box as cardboard was flexible and easy to cut.

2.) Bend each finger of the cardboard over, and press down to create a bend in the cardboard.

3.) Using hook and loop tape, cut out and a tick Velcro rougher side on the finger tips and other soft side on the palm.

4.) Get a piece of paper and either laminate it or cover it in cellotape.

5.) Using a white board pen, make some maths questions and bend fingers down accordingly.

Jess has been using this, this morning and is really enjoying it ❤️🌈

Also we made Gabbys doll house headband this morning. That she is proudly wearing 🤣❤️

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