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Glue sponge hack

Glue sponge hack for children who use a lot

I saw this hack previously and thought I need to give it a go, because Jess loves all things messy and crafty. Which means we go through copious amounts of glue, as we all know kids never use it sparingly.

This also has been super helpful for Harry who isn’t a fan of sticky glue being on fingers etc.

This hack cost £2.69 and will get you months worth of glue.

What you need:

• Sponges I used bath ones, but you could use regular dish sponges. (Bath ones from poundland)

• Air tight container I got these from (Poundland) as perfect size for taking away with you too.

• Liquid glue, it must be liquid form I used these ones from home bargains at 69p for 3.

(I only need 1 glue stick per tub)

How to do it:

• Cut your sponge to size to fit the tub. I also cut the bath sponges in half like shown so that they were not as thick.

• Use some of the liquid glue and pour into tub, then place the sponge in. Pour remaining liquid glue over the sponge.

• Seal the tub and leave for 24 hours for the glue to sink into the sponge.

Then voila there you have it. Your glue sponge is ready to use.

Simple press the item you want glueing into the sponge before applying to paper. The sponge coats the back of item and then it can be stuck to the artwork.

This also ensures that the right amount of glue is used and stops any mess. Also as the tubs are air tight it means that it doesn’t dry out and so can be used over and over again.

You honestly will get so much use from it 🌈

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