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Festive feelings

One thing that I still am getting use to is this view.

A closed bedroom door and behind it, it holds a child full of emotions who wants to be on his own. This view during this time of year is one that I am repeatedly faced with. But one that never gets any easier seeing.

I miss my son for the 6 and a half hours he is at school, and then I miss him when he is home. It’s funny how you can miss someone although there in the same place as you ❤️. And the only thing keeping you apart is a white door.

The start of this school week has been really stressful for Harry. A lot of change to his normal routine at school, has seen him seek solitude at home. Whilst I’m happy he feels safe here, I wish sometimes that I could spend a little more time with him out of his room. Although I have almost succumb to the fact that this will be my view for the next month, until some normality returns from the festive period.

I’m lucky I get to share a bedtime story with him, and each night tell him how proud of him I am. And we discuss anything on his mind (if he wants to) and he tells me he loves me as I do him.

But this is the other side to the festive period and one not so much spoken about. But one story lived by many.

But “solitude is different from loneliness, and it doesn’t have to be a lonely kind of thing” together we get through these days and our children know we are here, despite what our minds at times tell us to believe🌈♥️

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