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Feelings bowl 🐠

Feelings bowl 🐠

So I had seen the whiteboard marker pen & water trick online a while ago. But thought I wonder how I could adapt it and make it a great sensory/ calming activity which would allow the child to speak about feelings too.

Then I had the perfect idea (it doesn’t happen often). Using a Poundland plastic fish bowl & their glow sticks & white board markers, I made my little ones a feelings bowl.

What you need:

• Fish bowl (poundland)

• glow sticks

• white board markers (the more colours the better to match feelings)

• warm water

• medicine syringe

• porcelain egg cup

Make a design on the egg cup with the whiteboard markers, then using the syringe add some warm water to it (like our video on Facebook & Instagram).

It will start to lift up and move.

Fill up you fishbowl half way with warm water & gently lower the egg cup into the water and let the design go onto the surface of the water and float away.

And there you have your floating designs, I then added the glow stick into the bowl to match the colours of their feelings. (You can use our feeling colour guide on our website).

This can help aid discussion about feelings, so our fish/ Jelly fish/ butterflies are happy swimming about. “What makes you happy?”

It also works as a great relaxation & sensory aid.

If a child is feeling angry you could add a red glow stick and using a straw they could blow air onto the water and make the designs swim around. Which can help them blow their angrys away as I say to my two little ones.

It’s a cheap idea but great fun to do.

You could also get them to count the designs to help aid learning etc.

But don’t anyone mock my artwork 🤣 I tried really hard.

Happy crafting!

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