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Feeling jars

Feelings Jars


Here is an idea I had for feelings jars.

These jar bags can be brought of eBay £4 for 15, and are great when used with our emotion visuals.


(You can find the visuals/labels for free download off our website under printables )

What to do:

• label the jars with either the colours & words or the emotions & the word to express that emotion. Create a jar with the label “today I feel”

• Ask the children to either find items that match the colour of the emotion. Or use words that match the emotion icon (they can even try to match up the words to the feelings).

Like in our photo with all the colours to resemble the word Mixed up.

Inside the jar is the words confused,unclear etc.

• Some of the items you can use to go in the bags to match the emotions are coloured marbles, beads, feathers, torn up tissue paper, glitter and water like our calm bag (these bags are sealed and don’t leak) . You can have fun finding your own things to go in the bag. Maybe a scavenger hunt too?

• Then let the child have a jar bag of their own, that they can fill with the emotion they feel. To help aid ways to for them to express themselves .

• It’s also a great aid to show them they can open the bag up and let them feelings out by talking or finding other ways to help them, ready for the next emotion they feel to go in the Jar bag.

• These bags also are able to stand up like jars too, so can be placed on a shelf like in a school in clear view so it acts as a reminder to the emotions we all can feel.

These Jar bags are also great to be used with the book the The colour monster. Which talks about feelings in jars.

We would love to see ways you have used this idea.

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