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Early intervention is important but development is life long.

Early Intervention Is Important but Development Is Life-Long

Sometimes them exact words I need to read, and understand. Because when you hear the words autism, it’s often said that early intervention is key. Now while there maybe some element of truth in it. Development is life long, and just the word development means “growth and the process of developing something new”

Who says that our children’s development isn’t “something new” that should be celebrated because it goes against the typical development stages. In Harrys life I have celebrated many developments that may go missed by others. Because his development is completely unique to him. It shouldn’t be matched to others.

But I also need to understand that whilst he is still young and part of the “early intervention”, I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time out of his development to do other things, wether that is family related or for myself. Which is also the same for parents of children who get diagnosed later in their life. They shouldn’t feel the extra pressure to catch up, because they missed the early intervention window. Sometimes it seems no matter what stage of life you are at. There is still pressure and the guilt can pile up on you. You may feel like you should be working faster and harder with your child with autism.

But here is a little reminder that development is life long, and everyday we continue to grow and develop. You are doing a great job ❤️

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