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Craft activity

Craft activity 🎨

Ohh my gosh it’s Baby Harry 😭 but I thought I’d share a craft activity I did with Harry when he was little.

Wasn’t he a bruiser? 🤣

This activity is great for children who do not like paint textures/ messy hands. As well as children who love sensory activities.

All you need is:

• 2 canvasses

• Some poster paint

• Cling film

Optional extras

• Masking tape

• Vinyl decorations

Here’s what to do:

1.) Put some dots of paint onto the canvass and then wrap the canvass in cling film. I recommend if a child is heavy handed double wrapping canvas.

2.) Let your child bash and blend Colours with either their hands or feet on the canvas, and splodge all the paint underneath.

3.) Once done remove cling film, before allowing the canvas to dry.

4.). For extra detail you could add a vinyl transfer on top once dry as a special gift to family and friends. Or alternatively before applying paint, use masking tape and create shapes and patterns on the canvas, before adding splotches of paint. Then once dry remove masking tape to show patterns underneath.

Happy crafting 🌈

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