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Countdown to Christmas

So the countdown to Christmas starts next week.

Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year for Harry, which means it hard for me too.

The change to routines, the change in peoples behaviours. The change in the amount of people around. The shops change, the school changes. Let’s just say Change, change, change is everywhere and WE HATE CHANGE.

The pressure of Christmas is hard for some Sen families. Some people just expect all children to relish in this time of the year. That it seems hard for them to comprehend, that Christmas spirit doesn’t have to be exerted in excitement. But rather that it can still be alive in the hearts of our small humans, just in really, really, really small doses.

When you ask my son if he wrote his letter to Santa?

I’ll respond with he hasn’t.

When you ask him if he is excited for all the presents?

I’ll respond with its a bit overwhelming actually and we open them over multiple days.

When you ask me what part he got in the Christmas play?

I’ll respond with, I’m happy he is included, but he will decide on the day if he is up to taken part.

When you ask me if we will have a big family gathering on Christmas Day?

I’ll respond with, we have to space our family out over the two weeks of the school holidays and have rest days inbetween.

When you ask me if our house is covered in decorations?

I’ll respond with that one room is fully festive, because we need multiple festive free zones in our house.

When you ask him if he is excited for Christmas?

I’ll let him respond and tell you he finds it really hard.

But when you ask me how I feel?

I’ll tell you that no matter how big my child gets, this time of year brings incredible pressure and judgment and each year it brings new challenges. I will tell you that I hate all the Christmas questions we face, because our Christmas will always appear differently to others. That sometimes I feel incredibly angry at myself for feeling saddened, that I cannot give the Christmas that my head had mapped out.

But rather that I need to understand that Christmas doesn’t have a look. Christmas is just a word and that it doesn’t need to be commercially defined, it’s just another day and a day to be thankful to spend with my family however that time is spent. Because time is the most precious thing and something we don’t get back.

This is a post to all of you, I hear you, I see you, and know you are not alone. This time of year is incredibly hard for both children and parents. But don’t be afraid to speak up and say “this is hard”

But please remember Christmas doesn’t have a look. It’s just a regular day with a different word

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