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Cardboard filled number

It’s Jessica’s birthday soon so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been creating for it.

Each year I do a balloon number for the children, which I create from scratch and it’s really simple to do.

I created this number 5 from a cardboard box, wrapping paper and balloons.

Here’s the steps:

Step 1.) Get a large box and flatten it out, then sketch your number onto the box.

Step 2.) Cut out the number from your box, then using the remainder of the box. Build up your numbers edges to make it 3D and secure using tape.

Top Tip ensure you make the depth big enough to hold a balloon.

Step 3.) Get some wrapping paper in your chosen design and cover the number all over, and secure with Tape.

Step 4.) Add some balloons to fill the number and secure using tape. For my number I folded the tape over to make it double sided, and stuck the balloons in.

And voila there you have a cheap but effective balloon filled number, which look great for photos.

This idea is great also because you can get so many different designs on wrapping paper, to suit many themes.

Another top tip use a balloon weight in the bottom, like I have to keep it steady and upright.

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