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Beanbag weighted lap cushion

🌟Weighted Lap cushion 🌟

So time hop brought this back up and I thought I’d reshare it. Especially in current times when finances are hard. But for me it was also because it had been suggested to try one with my son, but I was unsure how Harry would take to it and some of the cushions came with a hefty price tag and I didn’t wanna take a gamble

on it with him.

So I created a weighted lap cushion for Harry using bean bags. It’s something that he still uses now and the beads in the bag also make the perfect sensory experience to, as he runs his hands over them.

I had been looking into things that would help Harry concentrate at school, and would help him feel safe. He needs something to place on his lap.

I’d looked into weighted cushions and the prices were really high.

I remembered bean bags were always quite heavy as child, or maybe I was weak haha.

So I brought 8 beanbags (4 in a pack from home bargains at £2).

Stitched them together for Harry, and it’s really heavy. Placed them in a case and will help him use it for when we are doing our books etc to help him not feel as fidgety.

I just let Harry use it and he said “it feels good mummy”. He is also enjoying touching the bean bags as you can feel the little lumps and bumps. .

Cost £4 as opposed to £40-£60 .

Definitely worth a try!

To see our full story in the press, here is the link

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