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Another chapter, another open letter to you all 🌈

How on Earth is this cheeky chappy 8 years old next week.

I’ve never really cared for development milestones, I think you all know the ones I mean because we hear them so often 📄📝. Infact I think at least for the last 2 years, I haven’t

asked professionals “So where is Harry in line with his age.” Because he is soo much more then that.

Milestones for me have a much different meaning ❤️.

If you would of asked me back when Harry was 3/4 years old, where I saw us in terms of the future. I probably would of cried and said that it was and always will be my biggest worry, what lies ahead and that I didn’t know if I could do it, to even reach just the next day.

But now as I see this young boy in front of me, soon to turn 8. I can’t actually believe we are apart of the future, that I was so scared to envisage. I’m not going to say it’s been easy, gosh far from it as you all know. But at the same time we’ve made it and together. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried (done alot of that) and we have been angry. But we’ve continued even when we have desperately want to give up and shout “you win” but to whom?

I’ve never really worked that out. But life sure felt unfair at times.

I’ve had to learn alot and quite quickly, and I’m still learning as we encounter new challenges all the time. I mean I’m dreading the hormone stage 🫣.

But for me as a parent, the mental health side for Harry has always been the hardest factor to deal with. Which is and always will be a continuous process for us to face. I never try to look to far ahead, but I would be lying if I said it isn’t the the thing that keeps me up at night….because well it is.

But Harry my darling, here’s to the magic 8 number. We’ve made it to a chapter I had thought we would never of made it too. But we have left small parts of us in the previous chapters, because well somethings are better left behind it gives us more time to grow then.

If you are reading this and feeling like you want to give up. Trust me when I say, I know how it feels and I know how isolated and lonely this journey can be. But I promise you, not now probably not even a month from now. But sometime in your future, you will reflect back on how you made it through to that exact moment that you are now living in.

This will then be the fuel that others will need to get up and continue and the process will repeat for many others to come.

Each and everyone of us, plays a valuable role for others. You may not feel it at times, but someone is watching you and you are there reason for continuing.

Much love to you all

Mel 🌈

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