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An open letter to SEN parents

An open letter to SEN parents🌈

Sen parenting is journey, no one can quite prepare you for the highs and the lows you will experience.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But the quotes don’t mention what you have to do, if your not the right fit for the village.

Slowly the hands that once offered help, start to recede and in times of need we feel like we’re hanging on in the dark.

Whilst we sit in the dark it’s hard not to reflect on what lead us to this point.

Is it because we haven’t done enough?

Did we make mistakes?

It’s easier to apologise for mistakes that weren’t done by our hand. But to just say sorry heals any wounds we may further cause, and to shield us from the pain of the after thoughts. We don’t really process these situations, we just bury them deep enough to not hurt as much.

Our minds not ready to switch off, conjure up late nights thoughts of the future and what it beholds.

We get use to being told what to expect and what our child is capable of, by people who are not in our situation. Some who have not even met our child, but yet make decisions based upon pieces of paper. We are of course expected to accept these decisions or if we don’t “we are being difficult” and “one of those parents” .

Who are those parents?

I’m not really sure there is an indefinite description, because the benchmark gets moved and more bullet points added. That are supposed to summarise the thoughts of many when it comes to describing “ one of those parents”.

It’s almost as if they are some mythological creature conjured up to spread fear amongst parents, to never turn into that such person.

Because its another label right? And well we don’t want to go down the label road do we.

So this is to the parents reading this and feeling like the world is closing in.

If you remember one thing, please take note of this.

Nothing you have done, has created these situations. Nothing you could change would of made it any different.

“Guilt is the thief of life”

Although it may feel it at times, you are not alone. There are many villages scattered in abandoned hills, that house the toughest of people ready to help support you. There just not located on any maps ❤️

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